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The MVCSA is an independent professional Measurement & Verification (M&V) Body that represents the South African M&V industry and ensures that the quality of M&V services and service providers are credible, trustworthy and transparent.

The MVCSA website endeavours to keep its members, and the industries which its members serve, up to date on the latest information in the M&V industry both locally and internationally, provide relevant contacts and sources to promote the M&V industry in South Africa, impart information on the latest prescribed and accredited training, professional M&V requirements with regard to regulations, legislations, accreditation, standards and registration processes, and list the members that have been accepted as professionals to provide high quality M&V services in the interest of the industry and the public.

MVCSA is housed within the Southern African Association for Energy Efficiency (SAEE), a non-profit organisation, which represents the energy efficiency industry and its stakeholders in Southern Africa. The SAEE is the Southern African chapter of the US-based Association of Energy Engineers (AEE), a professional association with a membership base of over 16,000 professionals in 89 countries and a network of 82 chapters.

For a list of SANAS Accredited Measurement and Verification Bodies please follow the following steps:
1.            Go to http://www.home.sanas.co.za/
3.            Directory of Accredited Facilities
4.            Inspection bodies
5.            type in  on Compliance "measurement and verification"
6.            select Accreditation Status "Accredited"
7.            then "search"
8.            The list will then be given


BECOME A M&V Professional

Registration Process

SANAS accreditation process for energy efficiency savings

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