The mission of the Measurement and Verification Council of South Africa (MVCSA) is to be the independent Measurement and Verification (M&V) Body that governs Measurement and Verification (M&V) Professionals in order to protect the interests of all M&V stakeholders.

Realising the mission and vision through objectives

The MVCSA has undertaken certain objectives and functions to enable the success of the mission and vision of the Council. By functioning as a membership organisation for M&V Professionals and implementing a recognised registration process for membership, as well as facilitate investigative and disciplinary processes against its members, ensures the sustainability and viability of the service to industry and the public concerned.

Proper training is required to uphold the M&V as a recognised profession and for such training programmes are established, accredited and regulated by the MVCSA, with minimum prescribed training requirements for membership categories.

To uphold the MVCSA’s status in the industry, representation on the relevant national and international M&V standards, regulatory, qualifications, and other relevant conferences and workshops will be upheld.

For more detailed information on the MVCSA’s Constitution, Code of Conduct and By-laws follow the links below.

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