Is there a conflict of interest if an energy efficiency implementer becomes an independent Measurement and Verification (M&V) Professional?

SANAS commands independence, impartiality and integrity and has explicit guidelines in this regard by categorising inspection bodies into type categories to indicate the level of independence. It would be wise to refer to item 4 on the SANAS TR81-01 document that is available on for clear guidance in this regard.

Has the CMVP course been approved by MVCSA?

As the MVCSA processes are based on provisional information at the date of drafting this document, the only training approved at this stage is the AEE-based courses, which includes CMVP. Future prerequisites by SANAS are expected to include an additional training requirement on South African legislation, metering and data handling. Such a course is currently under development and will be available once the 12L regulation is promulgated with the expected further training requirements.

What M&V courses are on offer at this stage and where is it offered? Also what other training is offered so that professional registration can be achieved?

CMVP course are held during the year and more info can be found by following this link:

Further training for registration is currently under development.

How does the registration process work and what are the costs associated with MVCSA?

There are two stages in the registration process. In order to become a full member of MVCSA the applicant needs to send a profile of their experience (Stage 1). This profile is evaluated by the board of MVCSA, for this stage there is a once-off application fee of R2 750.

Once the evaluation is successful the registration process enters the second stage. The applicant can now become a full member for which there is an annual membership fee of R2 500, and the obligation to sign a MVCSA Code of Conduct.

Where can I get a list of certified M&V Professionals?

You can find a list of all the MVCSA members on the website:

A list of all the CMVP’s certified by AEE and EVO can be found on the following website:

(scroll down for South Africa).

I passed the CMVP exam but am not certified yet, will I be able to register as a Provisional Full Member?

You need to be an active CMVP to become a provisional full member of MVCSA, as well as follow the registration process.

Does a company have to have the services of an independent CMVP Professional to create a report for energy savings, or can this be done in-house?

M&V for tax incentives will have to be provided by SANAS Accredited M&V Bodies. If you have SANAS Accreditation and can prove your independence, you should be able create a report, but we cannot confirm at this stage that it will be accepted.

If an independent certified M&V professional is required, who can we contact to utilise their services?

You may use any of our full members - a list can be found on the website:

Do we get a tax deduction for the cost of an M&V Professional’s service?

M&V is an expense therefore it can be deducted as an expense.

Is the energy and savings report submitted by the independent CMVP Professional on the company’s behalf, or does this submission have to be made by the company itself?

The M&V savings report is submitted to SANEDI by the company, in accordance with the proposed 12L Regulation released for comment by 15 November 2011, this may change, however. The Regulation also stipulates that the company has to initially register with SANEDI with its intent to claim.

SANEDI issues the energy efficiency certificate for tax submission purposes to the company, which the company in turn submits with its annual tax return to SARS.

SANAS accredits M&V Bodies, does this mean only registered companies can become an accredited body, or can it be individuals?

An M&V Body can be a company or an individual. SANAS accredits the Body, and also assesses the technical and management competency of staff within the body.

Will only MVCSA members be considered for accreditation with SANAS?

Individuals within a body being considered for accreditation by SANAS will have to be a full member of MVCSA, or a similar body in South Africa.

Can an applicant or body applying for SANAS accreditation be a one-person consultant?


Do applicants or bodies wishing to be accredited by SANAS have to comply with any standards themselves as an organisation?

Yes, ISO 17 020:19987 for inspection management and SANS 50 010:2011 for performing M&V.

Is M&V a sustainable career path?

The accreditation controls put in place through SANAS assists in ensuring the sustainability of Accredited M&V Bodies and is set to establish a viable M&V market. Through the initiatives of the MVCSA all M&V stakeholders’ interests are protected as the Council governs the acts of its Registered M&V Professionals.

Energy efficiency savings that need to be substantiated for the various available incentives entails credible, trustworthy and transparent M&V reporting and any current, and future, incentives will benefit therefrom.

Will renewables be eligible for tax incentive claims?

Any project that can substantiate reduced energy use will qualify.

What is the difference between Certification for CMVP and MVCSA Registration, and why are both necessary?

Certification through the AEE for CMVP is internationally recognised and a pre-requisite for consideration of MVCSA Registration. For MVCSA Registration an additional course on local fundamentals is required. The first local fundamentals course will be introduced on promulgation of the 12L Regulation.

Does my whole company have to be energy efficient for me to qualify for a tax rebate?

That would be the optimal situation for maximum benefits, however, individual projects can be ring-fenced and the tax can be claimed for just that project should you decide it’s financially viable.

What type of projects would be financially viable?

Any type of project where the costs of M&V and rebate warrant a satisfactory return, but a general rule-of-thumb can be gaged at about R100,000-00 saving for the year on the project. Smaller projects can also be combined for the claim to make it financially viable.

Can I claim the energy efficiency tax incentive on the same project every year?

Yes, if the subsequent year also yields a saving which makes it financially viable, however, the same saving cannot be claimed again, it must be over-and-above the saving for which the tax rebate has already been received the previous financial year.

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